Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Calling all Shutterbugs!

As we end 2009 with a wonderful year of events, exhibits and amazing members and guests, it's nice to recap it all with our annual photography contest, Shutterbug! The contest deadline is Dec. 31 and it's just enough time to take pictures of Holiday Lights. It is so exciting to get an envelope marked Shutterbug entry and to open to see what magical moment was captured here at the Garden. We have 7 categories: Plants, Wildlife, Water, Architecture & Artwork in the Garden, Orchids & Tropical Plants, Events/Celebrations and People. Contestants may enter one photo in each of the categories if they like. Another exciting aspect of this contest is that we have an adult amateur and youth amateur category. To see some of the youth entries and then look at their age is incredible to think being that young and taking such a great shot. I remember using the Kodak disposables as a kid and that was either a hit or miss...most of the time for me a complete miss! The picture that accompanies this blog was taken by one of our youth contestants, Stephanie Aliano, and won 1st place in our Youth/Wildlife category. I think I'll be signing up for one of the many photography classes we offer here at the Garden to see how it's done. Good luck to all of our 2010 Shutterbug contestants and if you would like further details just visit

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